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Semi-Private Rides

Take Turns Flying & Chasing!

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Per Person Ages: 5+

Soar Over Pagosa Springs, CO with a Semi-Private Hot Air Balloon Flight!

Get to participate in an interactive semi-private hot air balloon flight adventure in Pagosa Springs, CO! The first group of two will fly while the second group will set chase. This means the second group will stay on the ground with our professional chase crew, follow the balloon, and switch out passengers when the balloon lands, similar to legs of an airplane flight.

The second group will board the hot air balloon while the first group sets chase. The second group will follow the balloon, and both groups will assist (if they choose) to deflate and pack the balloon. Both groups will then be able to participate in a group post-flight ceremony.

All passengers will arrive while setting up the hot air balloon and this does not shorten the flight time for either group!