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Best of Sky and Water
in Pagosa Springs, CO!

Pagosa Adventure

Pagosa Adventure is a family-owned business located in Pagosa Springs, Colorado that specializes in hot air balloon rides, white water rafting, and tubing. We are committed to providing our customers with a safe, unique, thrilling, and unforgettable adventure!

At Pagosa Adventure, we believe that the outdoors should be enjoyed while maintaining safety and respect for the environment. We are committed to providing our customers with the best experience possible and hope to help them make memories that will last a lifetime! Book your adventure online today. 

Join Pagosa Adventure for our Hot Air Balloon & River Activities
in Pagosa Springs, CO!

One-Stop-Shop for a Pagosa Adventure!

Great Experience!

"Marissa and her crew were welcoming, fun, and awesome at what they do. It was and adventure filled with great views and stories. They were also very kind and flexible when I had to rebook due to having to leave town unexpectedly."

– Zoe B. Google
Do This!

"A few weeks ago, our girls trip made a bundle reservation of hot air balloon rides and white water rafting rapids. We all were first timers of both adventures. The crew made us comfortable and eased our fears. No regrets!"

– Karen P. Google
Fantastic Time With Marissa!

"I flew with my kiddos and the crew was absolutely amazing - the friendliest crew there possibly could be. My 8 year old daughter was fascinated with Marissa’s facts and now says she wants to be a hot air balloon pilot just like her."

– Colby S. Google
A Yearly Trip!

"We had a very fun and eventful white water rafting adventure! Kyle was our captain and was very knowledgeable of the river and the town. We take a yearly trip to Pagosa Springs and will raft with Pagosa Adventure again."

– Bianca C. Google
Do Both Activities!

"We did a balloon trip and enjoyed the views from the air with a champagne party afterwards. We also did a rafting ride the same week. I felt safe and enjoyed the entire experience as many good people behind the scenes made it seamless."

– Barbara A. Google

"We had a fantastic hot air balloon ride with Cody. The team was friendly and our flight was a one-of-a-kind experience. The views of the surrounding mountains were amazing. We enjoyed learning the history of the sport as well."

– Rick B. Google
Very Professional Team!

"I did rafting and ballooning and the team kept me safe the whole trip. I was scared about ballooning but it didn't bother me! They stayed low until I felt comfortable. They are committed to providing the best experience while maintaining safety."

– Kelly M. Google
Overly Impressed!

"Not only were they super friendly but they calmed my nerves of flying and showed me step by step how everything worked. They triple checked everything. It was such an amazing adventure and I couldn’t be more grateful to the staff."

– Nicole P. Google
15yr Dream Come True!

"We had a blast floating the river with the team. Cody and Marissa were engaging, knowledgeable, and friendly! I felt safe the entire time. Cody is a great river guide and made sure we had a blast and got soaked! A hot air balloon ride will be next!"

– Christy K. Google
Conquered My Fear Of Heights!

"I bought the bundle package which included a hot air balloon ride then a rafting trip. At first, I was crouched into the bottom of the basket out of fear. Marissa and Cody calmed me down with knowledge. The next best was the rafting!"

– Casey S. Google