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All Day Fun

in Pagosa Springs, CO

Morning Hot Air Balloon Ride:

Your adventure begins early morning, as you’re greeted by the serene beauty of Pagosa Springs waking up. The hot air balloon adventure starts with a brief safety introduction by your experienced pilot before the balloon is inflated, creating a vibrant spectacle against the early morning light. As you gently lift off the ground, the breathtaking vistas of the San Juan Mountains unfold beneath you. The tranquility of floating above the landscape, with only the occasional burst of the burner, offers a stark contrast to the wildness of the activities to come. You’ll witness the sun casting its golden hues over forests, rivers, and the patchwork of the town, providing unparalleled photo opportunities and moments of awe.


Afternoon Whitewater Rafting:

The rafting portion of your adventure takes place on the San Juan River, known for its varying rapids that cater to both beginners and experienced rafters. After gearing up and receiving a safety briefing, you embark on a journey that combines adrenaline-pumping moments with stretches of serene beauty. Navigating through rapids, you’ll feel the spray of cool water and the thrill of teamwork as you maneuver your raft. In quieter sections, you can appreciate the natural splendor of the surrounding wilderness, possibly spotting wildlife along the riverbanks.


Afternoon Tube Rentals:

Once the river levels drop to 400CFS or below we switch to river tubing adventures. Tubing down the San Juan River, which flows through the heart of Pagosa Springs, offers a complete contrast to the morning’s tranquility. The gentle currents carry you through scenic areas, where you can relax and cool off, surrounded by nature. The river experience varies from calm waters that allow for a leisurely drift, to slightly more vigorous sections that add a touch of excitement. This activity is not only refreshing but also an enjoyable way to experience the natural beauty of Pagosa Springs up close.