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Soaring High: Why Hot Air Balloon Pilots Love Rallies


While hot air ballooning in Pagosa Springs, Colorado is amazing our Pagosa Adventure team loves to attend hot air balloon rallies across the United States. Hot air ballooning isn’t just about floating with the wind; it’s an art, a passion, and a community. Among the many events that fill the calendar of hot air balloon enthusiasts, rallies hold a special place. These gatherings are more than just an opportunity to fly; they’re a celebration of everything that makes hot air ballooning magical. Let’s explore why hot air balloon pilots are drawn to rallies like bees to honey.

a large balloon in the sky

Hermosa/Durango, Colorado Animas Valley Balloon Rally

1. Camaraderie in the Skies:

Flying a hot air balloon can sometimes be a solitary experience, but at rallies, pilots are surrounded by fellow enthusiasts. The camaraderie among pilots is palpable as they share stories, techniques, and tips. Whether they’re discussing wind patterns or the best way to land gracefully, rallies foster a sense of community that’s hard to find elsewhere.

2. Spectacular Views:

One of the most enticing aspects of flying a hot air balloon is the breathtaking scenery. At rallies, pilots have the opportunity to explore new landscapes and take in stunning views from high above. Whether it’s soaring over rolling hills, picturesque countryside, or bustling cityscapes, every flight offers a unique perspective that never fails to awe both pilots and spectators alike.

a group of people flying kites in a field

Telluride, Colorado 

3. Chasing the Wind:

Hot air ballooning is all about going with the flow, quite literally. Pilots must navigate the winds to navigate their balloons in the desired direction, making each flight an exhilarating adventure. At rallies, pilots have the chance to test their skills in varying wind conditions, from gentle breezes to more challenging gusts. It’s a thrilling experience that keeps them coming back for more.

4. Showcasing Skill and Creativity:

Rallies often feature competitions and special events that allow pilots to showcase their skill and creativity. From precision flying contests to night glows where balloons are illuminated against the dark sky, these events push pilots to push the boundaries of what’s possible with a hot air balloon. It’s a chance for them to shine and demonstrate their passion for the sport.

Valley of the Gods, Bluff Utah

5. Inspiring the Next Generation:

Rallies are not only a gathering of seasoned pilots but also an opportunity to inspire future generations of balloonists. Many rallies offer tethered rides, sponsored rides or educational programs for children, allowing them to experience the magic of hot air ballooning up close. By sharing their love for the sport, pilots help ensure that it continues to thrive for years to come.

Hot air balloon rallies are more than just events; they’re a celebration of everything that makes hot air ballooning special. From the camaraderie among pilots to the spectacular views and thrilling adventures, rallies offer an experience like no other. So, the next time you see a colorful array of balloons dotting the sky, remember that behind each one is a pilot who is living their dream and sharing their passion with the world.

Rallies where you can find our Pagosa Adventure Team in 2024

January- Bluff Utah

January- Winterfest Pagosa Springs, Colorado

February- Hermosa/Durango, Colorado

February- Chama, New Mexico

April- Valley of the Gods, Utah

May/June Telluride, Colorado

July- Freedom Ride, Gallup, New Mexico

August- Cortez, Colorado

September- Colorfest Pagosa Springs, Colorado

September- Four Corners Balloon Rally Farmington, New Mexico

October- Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta Albuquerque, New Mexico

October- Animas Valley Balloon Rally, Hermosa/Durango, Colorado

December- Red Rock Balloon Rally, Gallup, New Mexico

a colorful hot air balloon in Gallup, New Mexico

Red Rock Balloon Rally, Gallup New Mexico